AX 2012: Add financial dimension for your table

Lets quickly take a look at how the financial dimensions framework has been redesigned in AX 2012. The following picture show the table design:


To add a new financial dimension for your custom table, perform the following steps:

1. Drag the EDT (AOT >> Data Dictionary >> Extended Data Types >> DimensionDefault) to the fields of your table
2. Create a new “Normal” relation on your table linking the newly added “DefaultDimension” field to the “RecId” field of DimensionAttributeValueSet table


3. Now create a view for your table. Take care of the following conventions:

  • View should be named exactly DimAttributeYourTable
  • Add your table to DimAttributeYourTable >> Metadata >> Data Sources node
  • This data source should be named exactly BackingEntity
  • Add the following three fields naming them exactly as mentioned
    • Key – Use surrogate key field e.g. RecId
    • Value – Use natural key field e.g TrackingNum
    • Name – Use any descriptive field e.g. DeliveryName


4. Create and run the following  job to clear the dimension cache:

static void clearCache(Args _args)

5. Now open General Ledger >> Setup >> Financial dimensions >> Financial dimensions
6. Create a new financial dimension
7. Select your newly added dimension from the “Use values from” lookup:


Now if you want to add this financial dimension to any of the existing chart of accounts, perform the following steps:

1. Open General Ledger >> Setup >> Chart of accounts >> Configure account structures
2. Select any of the active account structures e.g. “Account Structure P&L (Active)”
3. Click Edit button
4. Click Add segment button
5. Select the newly added dimension
6. Finally activate the dimension to let the changes take effect.