AX 2012: LogisticsPostalAddress unknown value

Problem: I learned something new about DateEffective tables today. I had a customer requirement to store addresses in a Standard AX┬átable, PdsApprovedVendorList. So I created a relationship between my table and LogisticsPostalAddress table, adding foreign key to LogisticsPostalAddress to my table. Then I added this field to a form and set ReplacementFieldGroup property of the … Continue reading AX 2012: LogisticsPostalAddress unknown value

AX 2012: Getting ReferenceGroup Control

Getting ReferenceGroup control automatically while dragging a datasource field to a form control is little tricky. Even if you have defined relations correctly at the table level, you might not always get the reference group control for a foreign key in the table. See the solution below for this issue. Problem: Consider for example, two … Continue reading AX 2012: Getting ReferenceGroup Control