AX 2012: Client sessions connected to AOS server

System administrators often need to know how many AX client sessions are connected to AOS server for multiple reasons:

1. View all the existing client sessions to AOS server
2. End existing client sessions to AOS server
3. Reject new client sessions
4. Accept new client sessions

To perform such jobs, navigate to System administration >> Common >> Users >> Online users

Client sessions tab:

1. Clicking End sessions terminates selected sessions in the grid
2. Online users show connected users to AOS server.


Server instances tab:

1. Clicking Reject new clients rejects any new connections requested to AOS server
2. Clicking Accept new clients allows users to establish client connections to AOS server


Further, we can also see existing server sessions to AOS server by querying SQL table SysServerSessions in which active sessions are identified by 1 in Status field: