AX 2012: Manual Charges

Once you have setup Charges Codes, you can add manual charges to Sales Order (SO) or Purchase Order (PO). The question is why do we need to add charges manually to orders if we have the auto charges functionality? Typically we add manual charges to an order if it is not a regular one, which … Continue reading AX 2012: Manual Charges

AX 2012: Charges Codes

Before you plan to add manual or automatic charges when you create a sales or purchase order, you must setup Charges Codes. They are used to define the kind of charge and how the charge is going to be debited or credited. You can setup charges by navigating to Setup → Charges → Charges codes in the … Continue reading AX 2012: Charges Codes

AX 2012: Managing Charges

*Charges (in former releases called “Miscellaneous charges”) in sales and purchase orders are available to cover expenses, which are not included in the price shown in the order for example costs for freight, transport, postage, insurance, recycling and packaging. You can set up charges so that they are included in sales and purchase transactions automatically … Continue reading AX 2012: Managing Charges