AX7/D365/Operations: Data import using data entities


The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how we can import data using data entities in Dynamics 365 for Operations.


  • Access to Dynamics 365 for Operations instance via remote desktop.
  • To be provisioned as an administrator for the instance.

Business requirement:

Ability to import/migrate legacy business data to Dynamics 365 for Operations.


1. Navigate to Workspaces > Data management > Import.
2. Enter job details as shown below. We have selected a custom data entity Raw material in this scenario. You can safely use any standard data entity instead.


3. Click Upload to select and upload the source data file.
4. Click View map to generate field mappings.
5. On Map source to staging screen, click Mapping visualization.
6. Define the mapping. Click Save.


7. Now go back to the job screen and click Import.
8. At the end of the execution, you should see the Execution summary.


9. You can verify the data loaded by navigating to the relevant form. In this case Raw Materials details master form.



6 thoughts on “AX7/D365/Operations: Data import using data entities

  1. Additional :

    If you are not sure of which form to navigate to check the data.
    Click ‘view staging data’ of the entity in the execution, select a staging record, and click ‘Target’. This will redirect to the form where you can check the imported data.

  2. Hello I guess that my main issue is the preparation of the file that I want to import, is there any way to download a template from AX7 ?

  3. Hi,

    Could you please share the procedure , To Enable Open in Microsoft options in D365 for FO(Office Integrations)
    for Custom Data Entity (STD tables and custom tables?

  4. Have you been able to get “Truncate data” working? I am trying to delete existing data, ex Payment Terms. I export all data into CSV file, delete all the lines except for 1, then reimport the CSV file. I would expect to only see that 1 line in my payment terms but nothing is happening. Thoughts?

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