AX7/D365/Operations: Create custom data entity


The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how we can develop a custom data entity for a custom table in Dynamics 365 for Operations.


  • Access to Dynamics 365 for Operations instance via remote desktop.
  • To be provisioned as an administrator for the instance.
  • Visual Studio project, model, package have been created.
  • Custom table has been created in the project.

Business requirement:

Ability to perform data operations on custom table.


We’ll be developing a data entity for a custom table, MAKInventRawMaterial for this scenario.

1. Click Ctrl+Shift+A to add new item to the project.
2. Select Data Model > Data Entity, giving name MAKInventRawMaterialEntity. Click Add.


3. Specify data entity properties as shown below and select MAKInventRawMaterial table as the Primary datasource. Click Next.


4. On the next screen of the wizard, review the data entity fields. You may choose to Convert labels to field names. Click Finish.


5. The following highlighted development artifacts must be created.


6. Open project properties and set Synchronize Database on Build to True to synchronize the newly created table and data entity with database.


7. You have now successfully created a custom data entity!

To see the custom data entity in action, please see the following post.



4 thoughts on “AX7/D365/Operations: Create custom data entity

  1. Thank you for this useful article!
    Just a note is not to forget to refresh entity list in the end of this development via Data import/export framework parameters

  2. Hi Muhammad, I have followed all your steps here and successfully created a custom data entity. I just have a few questions to ask you regarding my goal. I am still very new to 365, I’m more used to 2012. I might make very stupid mistakes here.

    After all these steps are completed, should I see a class with the Name of the entity created?
    My overall goal with this custom entity was simply to see if I can do a GET and POST request via postman to it. I have hit unexpected problems. I have registered my program with ADD, got all the necessary keys needed to request and obtain a token. I have saved the token into the environment values. I then take that token, put it into the header of the GET request as : Authorization : (Then in value) Bearer {{bearerToken}}.

    I get absolutely no response. Not a 401, 404 etc. Just nothing. Could it be because I might have made a mistake with the creation of the entity? Or could it be because there is something else wrong with 365? Maybe IIS has not been correctly configured because the logs don’t even show that a failed request has been made?

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply 🙂

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