AX 2012: Create AIF custom service


The purpose of this document is to illustrate how we can develop AIF custom service.

Business requirement:

Ability to integrate Dynamics AX with external systems.


Application Integration Framework has been configured to process inbound and outbound messages.


  1. Create a data contract class.
    1. Use [DataContractAttribute(‘Name’)] attribute to indicate class represents data contract.
    2. Use [DataMemberAttribute(‘Name’)] attribute to indicate method represents data member.
    3. Use [AifCollectionTypeAttribute] attribute to define parameter and return types.
  2. Create a service class.
    1. Set RunOn property of class to Server.
    2. Create a method attributed with [SysEntryPointAttribute(true)] to designate it as a service operation.
    3. The boolean parameter of attribute defines whether AOSAuthorization property of tables will be checked or not in this method.
  3. Create a service contract by creating service node.
  4. Add service operation.
  5. Create a service group for the basic inbound port.
  6. Deploy the service group.
  7. The inbound port created must be activated now.