AX 2012: Open fiscal periods in X++


The purpose of this document is to describe how we can quickly open fiscal periods through X++.


// Developed on 28 Dec 2015 by Muhammad Anas Khan
// Blog:
// LinkedIn:
// Description: Ability to confirm purchase order
static void MAKOpenFiscalPeriods(Args _args)
    FiscalCalendarPeriod       fiscalCalendarPeriod;
    LedgerFiscalCalendarPeriod ledgerFiscalCalendarPeriod;


    //Open fiscal periods
    update_recordSet ledgerFiscalCalendarPeriod
        setting Status = FiscalPeriodStatus::Open
        join fiscalCalendarPeriod
            where fiscalCalendarPeriod.RecId == ledgerFiscalCalendarPeriod.FiscalCalendarPeriod
                && fiscalCalendarPeriod.Type == FiscalPeriodType::Operating;


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