AX 2012: Add custom field to standard DIXF target entity


The purpose of this document is to describe how we can add custom fields to standard DIXF target entity. While performing data migration for standard entities like customer, we often come across a requirement to load data for customized fields as well. In this post, we will add custom fields of customer master to its standard DIXF entity.

Business requirement:

To load customer master through DIXF along with custom fields.


1. Custom fields are already added to CustTable table.
2. DIXF component is up and running.
3. ODBC source data format has been configured.
4. Prestaging database and table is ready to fetch data from.



1. The following are the custom fields that need to be loaded through standard DIXF entity for customer master:


2. Add custom fields to DMFCustomerEntity table, which is the standard DIXF staging entity for customer master.


3. Add the same fields to the DMF field group of DMFCustomerEntity table.
4. Add the same fields to DMFCustomerTargetEntity query.

Queries > DMFCustomerTargetEntity > Data Sources > Customer(CustTable) > Fields

5. Make sure the same fields exist in the target entity, CustTable table.
6. Open Data import export framework > Setup > Target entities
7. Create new target entity as follows. You must create a new target entity to include the newly added fields.


8. Verify the newly added fields by looking at the mappings.


9. Create new processing group and select the newly created target entity


10. Generate source mapping and verify the mappings by clicking Modify source mapping.


11. You can also preview the source data by clicking Preview source file to validate data is pulling up correctly.


12. Get staging data



13. Copy data to target.



14. You can verify loaded customers in All customers list page.


15. You can also verify custom fields loaded successfully!




6 thoughts on “AX 2012: Add custom field to standard DIXF target entity

  1. Hello,

    can I ask You a question. I’m trying to do every step You made but when I’m creating a new “updated” entity I have infolog that says “You can’t create new record in Target XML (DMFTargetXML). Name “Product – updated”, “New field name”. Record already exists.”

    What can cause such an error. Because of that I can’t create new entity.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,
    Maciej Kowalczyk

  2. Hi! thanks for the info, this was really helpful. I setup a custom field against my Customer Table, and followed the steps as outlined. For some reason though; I can see the custom field being imported into the staging table, but there is no mapping to the target? Thoughts?

      1. What if I am unable to create a new one? Because my existing target entity has lot of mapping and if i would like to use the same one what are the steps i need to ensure to make it work? Could you please let me know. Thanks.

      2. Unless you make new target entity, AX will not detect the changes you have made. For the mappings you can easily recreate them. Seems like you are not comfortable with recreating the mappings. But you don’t have any alternate.

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