AX 2012: LogisticsPostalAddress unknown value

Problem: I learned something new about DateEffective tables today. I had a customer requirement to store addresses in a Standard AX┬átable, PdsApprovedVendorList. So I created a relationship between my table and LogisticsPostalAddress table, adding foreign key to LogisticsPostalAddress to my table. Then I added this field to a form and set ReplacementFieldGroup property of the … Continue reading AX 2012: LogisticsPostalAddress unknown value

AX 2012: Process AIF Gateway Queue in X++

AIF requires a batch job to be configured with a particular set of services to move messages into and out of the AIF gateway queue. To manually process messages in the AIF gateway queue, you can run the following job: // Developed on 01 Jan 2016 by Muhammad Anas Khan // Blog: // LinkedIn: … Continue reading AX 2012: Process AIF Gateway Queue in X++