AX 2012: Workflow execution account is not valid

While performing Workflow Infrastructure Configuration, you might face the following exception:



The user account entered for the workflow execution account is not valid. Confirm that the account exists and is enabled.


Please perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Click System administration > Setup > System > System service accounts.
2. Specify the Workflow execution account in the form.
3. Click OK.



Once you have specified the workflow execution account then you should be able to perform the Workflow infrastructure configuration using the wizard.



AX 2012: Enable Disable Buttons on PurchTable SalesTable Forms

To enable/disable buttons on PurchTable/SalesTable form, you can customize their respective interaction classes:

1. Classes\PurchTableInteraction
2. Classes\PurchTableInteractionHelper
3. Classes\SalesTableInteraction
4. Classes\SalesTableInteractionHelper

Let’s say, for example, I want to enable the Configure line button under Product and Supply menu:


All you need to do is to find and customize the right method which controls the enabling/disabling of the button. In this case it is SalesTableInteractionHelper.parmButtonConfigureLineEnabled():


After compiling, you can see the button enabled!



In the example above, I am returning true without any condition to enable the button. This has been done just for demonstration purpose. You should be controlling the enabling of the button based on any condition that suits your business requirement.