AX 2012: Add Report Parameter to SSRS Query Report

In this post we’ll learn how to add report parameter and show it in the report dialog for a Query based SSRS report. Please follow the development steps below to achieve it:

1. Create an AOT Query MAKCustTable.
2. Drag CustTable table to the Data Sources node of the query.
3. Set Dynamic property to Yes on the Fields node to add all the fields available in the table quickly.
4. Keep the following fields only and remove others. Then set Dynamic property to No.


5. Open Visual Studio to create a new Project of type Report Model using Microsoft Dynamics AX installed template.
6. Add report to the project MAKParametersReport.
7. Add Dataset to the report and choose the query MAKCustTable we have just created.


8. Drag the dataset MAKCustTable to the Designs node. This will create an AutoDesign layout and Table control with fields added.


9. Now Build and Deploy the report from Visual Studio.
10. After successful deployment, you should find MAKParametersReport in the AOT > SSRS Reports
11. Create an output menu item for the newly created SSRS report.
12. Open the report using menu item.


13. By default, Customer account is the only report parameter in the dialog.
14. Now to add more report parameters, update the AOT query MAKCustTable to have the following ranges added:


15. Back in Visual Studio, refresh the dataset.


16. Save, Build and Deploy the report again from Visual Studio.
17. To see the changes, open the report using the existing output menu item.


For your information, the MAKCustTable_DynamicParameter collectively holds all the ranges defined in the Dataset’s query. Make sure its properties are set as shown here:


5 thoughts on “AX 2012: Add Report Parameter to SSRS Query Report

  1. Dear Muhammad,

    Thanks for the information,

    I just want to know instead of select can user directly enter their values in the parameter fields.


  2. HI Muhammad, I added some ranges in my query but those are not reflecting on dialog . I did same steps which are mentioned in the blog but not able to see ranges on Dialog. I did SSRS service restart , Deleted Usage data , SRSReportQuery table nothing worked .. If you know any other option please let me know . Thanks

  3. My SSRS Report has Date parameter. This is set System Date in Contract Initialize method. When SSRS Report is produced from Batch framework it always runs using system date when batch job was created and not picks current SystemDate. The Report works perfect when run manually.

    AX version is 2012. The Report uses RDP and Date parameter is defined Contract class. I tried setting default value in Pre-RUnModifyContract of the Controller class of report but still facing same issue.

    Any pointers ?

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