AX 2012: All About Lookups


AX 2012: Manual Charges

Once you have setup Charges Codes, you can add manual charges to Sales Order (SO) or Purchase Order (PO). The question is why do we need to add charges manually to orders if we have the auto charges functionality? Typically we add manual charges to an order if it is not a regular one, which … Continue reading AX 2012: Manual Charges

AX 2012: this vs element | When to Use What?

In X++ we often come across an issue that we are unable to access an object member (e.g. a form method) via┬áthis keyword. Instead we CAN access the same form method via element keyword. So what's the difference between them?   The difference is of the scope. To understand how it works, let's assume that … Continue reading AX 2012: this vs element | When to Use What?

AX 2012: Create lookup in X++

To create a lookup on a control (e.g. StringEdit control), override the lookup method of that control and copy paste the following code snippet in it. Of course, you will need to substitute datasource of the query according to your requirements. public void lookup() { Query query; QueryBuildDataSource datasourceModule; QueryBuildDataSource datasourceLanguage; QueryBuildRange rangeElementType; QueryBuildRange rangeModuleId; … Continue reading AX 2012: Create lookup in X++