AX 2012: Charges Codes

Before you plan to add manual or automatic charges when you create a sales or purchase order, you must setup Charges Codes. They are used to define the kind of charge and how the charge is going to be debited or credited. You can setup charges by navigating to Setup → Charges → Charges codes in the … Continue reading AX 2012: Charges Codes

AX 2012: All about Batch processing

In this post, you can learn about the following: 1. Batch Server Configuration Learn about how to set maximum no. of threads and their scheduling. Indicating which AOS instances are batch servers and which are load balancers. 2. Batch Group Configuration Learn how to configure batch groups. Select AOS instances available for your batch job. 2. … Continue reading AX 2012: All about Batch processing

AX 2012: Batch Groups

To configure a batch group, navigate to: System Administration → Setup → Batch Group 1. On the batch group form, click on the New button to create a new batch group. 2. Give it a suitable name and description. 3. Switch to Batch Servers tab to view available servers for batch processing. 4. Shift the desired servers … Continue reading AX 2012: Batch Groups