AX 2012: Packing Slips

Business Purpose

When a sales order is ready to be picked, a picking list is created. Warehouse employees pick items from the inventory and prepare them for shipment. When the order has been shipped, a packing slip is sent from the warehouse to get it posted in Dynamics AX against that particular sales order which triggers the order status to be updated.

The document direction is inbound i.e. it is received by Dynamics AX. New packing slips are received and posted through the Posting packing slip form.

Generate Sales Order Packing Slip

  1. Open Sales and marketing > Common > Sales orders > All sales order.
  2. Select the sales order to generate the packing slip.
  3. In the Pick and pack tab of the Action Pane, click Packing slip in the Generate group. The Packing slip posting form opens.
  4. In the Posting packing slip form, in the Quantity field, select the All option.
  5. Select the Print packing slip check box to print the packing slip.
  6. Click OK on the Posting dialog box.

If the quantities on the packing slip update equal the ordered quantities, the value in the sales order Status field changes to Delivered. If there is a back order on one or more items, the sales order status remains as Open order.


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