AX 2012: Managing Charges


*Charges (in former releases called “Miscellaneous charges”) in sales and purchase orders are available to cover expenses, which are not included in the price shown in the order for example costs for freight, transport, postage, insurance, recycling and packaging.

You can set up charges so that they are included in sales and purchase transactions automatically or you can add them manually to the orders to accommodate one-time charges. Charges are available at the header and line levels. Please note that charges are only applicable to Sales Orders (SO) and Purchase Orders (PO).

There are three ways to apply charges in AX 2012:

1. Price charges
Choose when you want to setup charges for a specific item and when charges should be billed each time the item is traded. For details read this post:

2. Manual charges
Choose when you want to add charges manually to the header or line of a sales or purchase order. This type of charge does not use a charge code. For example, one-time fee charged for special packaging.

3. Automatic charges
Choose when you want to apply charges automatically whenever user creates a sales order or purchase order.


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