AX 2012: Access Denied: SysOperationServiceController

Recently I came across the following exception while executing a batch job via a menu item. The batch job has been written using the SysOperation Framework.




To fix this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create Code Permission
  2. Link it with the menu item

Code Permission:


Create a new code permission under AOT > Security > Code Permissions. Add a server method for the newly created code permission. Specify the following properties for the server method added:

  • Class: Your SysOperation service class
  • Method: Method name to invoke
  • EffectiveAccess: Invoke
  • ManagedBy: Manual



Now link your code permission with the menu item which is used to trigger the batch job. Use LinkedPermissionType and LinkedPermissionObject properties to achieve it! This should be resolving the exception.


2 thoughts on “AX 2012: Access Denied: SysOperationServiceController

  1. I have followed the above steps. Still getting the same error message.
    Generated Generated Incremental CIL and logged out and logged in back. Still the same error, please suggest.

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