AX 2012: Reverse Engineering

If you are working on objects (Tables or Classes) you haven’t designed then it is quite possible you could have an insight about these objects by reverse engineering them to either data model or object model. I came to know about an excellent reverse engineering tool in AX 2012, that’s why sharing here for others.

First of all create an empty project and add the tables or classes to this project you want to reverse engineer.


Then right click the project node, click Add-Ins then click Reverse Engineer.


Select Visio UML data model or object model depending on the elements you have added to the project (Tables or Classes). Give appropriate path to save the Visio file to.


Reverse engineering starts. After the processing complets Visio open up automatically.


In Visio under Model Explorer you can find your project node under Top Package. You can find your tables in the relevant table group node. AX categories each table created. The default value of table group property is “Miscellaneous”. In my case all the tables can be found under Miscellaneous node.


Drag the tables to the drawing pane one by one and see how Visio renders table fields and relationships automatically.


Often AX tables contain more than 100 columns which results in a tedious data model in which relationships are hard to view. To only view the relationships and hide the columns, you can suppress table columns (attributes). Right click on the table, click Shape Display Options.


Check attributes under Suppress section to hide the attributes. In this way you can view the relationships easily!


7 thoughts on “AX 2012: Reverse Engineering

  1. Hi,
    I hope you doing great, I am new to AX can you please elaborate, what is use of Reverse Engineering in AX 2012. we can revert back object if we did any changes by using of Reverse Engineering

    1. Reverse Engineering tool is used for analysis purpose only. It means that we can only analyze relationships between classes and tables. We cannot reflect changes back in the AOT by importing the modified reverse engineered data/object model. I hope this answers your question!

      1. Hello Muhammad,
        its good is your fast reply and thanks and your time.
        you mean we can only analysis relationships between class and table in your project. If we did any modification We cant revert back by using reverse Engineering. Am right …….

  2. Hello Muhammad,
    please Take my request . If it possible add edit option at comments. I mean at time of leaving comment unfortunately any viewer did mistake posted wrong way there is no option edit his own comments and re-post …..
    On this blog
    I hope you will consider my request …..

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